What are the differences between hydraulic guillotine shears and hydraulic swing shears?

Mingcheng's shears mainly have two models, one is hydraulic guillotine shears and the other is hydraulic swing shears. So, what is the difference between them? In fact, hydraulic guillotine shears and hydraulic swing shears have obvious differences in many aspects.

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The structure of hydraulic guillotine shears and hydraulic swing shears are different

1. Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine structure: hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts frame structure, all steel welding; four corners and eight sides right-angle guide rail, high precision, just right, hydraulic preload. The whole system adopts two-way plug-in integrated valve, and can also be equipped with stroke digital display, photoelectric protection device, and mobile workbench (convenient for mold change). The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine has the double-acting function of the upper sliding block and the lower hydraulic cushion, and the working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements. Simple operation, centralized control of buttons.

2. The structure of the hydraulic pendulum shears: After the hydraulic pendulum shears are cut, the shearing machine should be able to ensure the flatness and parallelism of the shear surface of the sheared plate, and try to cut the deformation of the plate. The upper blade of the cutting machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. A supporting ball is installed on the worktable to prevent the metal sheet from being scratched when sliding on it.

The back baffle is used for sheet metal positioning, and the position is adjusted by the motor. The pressing cylinder is used to compress the plate to prevent the plate from moving during the cutting process. Guardrail is a safety device to prevent industrial accidents. Generally, the return stroke depends on nitrogen, which is fast and has little effect.


The use characteristics of hydraulic guillotine shears and hydraulic swing shears are different

1. Features of hydraulic guillotine shears:

(1) The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts an integral welded frame structure. After vibration aging treatment, the machine has good rigidity, high precision and good accuracy retention.

(2) The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts three-point bearing shaft rolling guide, the upper tool holder rolls, there is no gap between the rolling guides, and the upper part of the blade can be adjusted by turning the hand wheel.

(3) The size of the movable blade holder and the four-blade long blade can adjust the uniformity of the blade gap, improve the cutting quality and extend the length of the blade.

(4) The use of tandem cylinder synchronization system ensures uniform force on the machine. By adjusting the flow rate of the series of oil cylinders, the shear angle can be easily adjusted, and the thickness of the shear plate is different.

(5) Adopt electric back gear and electronic counter, and adjust the position of back gear.

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2. Features of hydraulic pendulum shears:

Compared with ordinary shears, pendulum shears mostly adopt beveled edge shearing. Because of their simple structure, low failure rate, high shearing efficiency, and the sheared plates without bending, warping and deformation, they are widely used. During the shearing process, through the rotary movement of the knife holder, the shearing angle and the shearing gap of the swing plate shear will change.

The purpose of the two is different:

1. The use of hydraulic guillotine shears: used in automobiles, tractors, railway vehicles, ships, motors, instruments and other industries. It is also suitable for drawing work of various high-strength alloy plates.

2. The use of hydraulic pendulum shears: used for stretching, bending, extrusion and forming of metal plates in the power industry and aviation industry.

In addition, the guillotine shearing machine tool holder moves up and down, and the pendulum type is a circular arc movement; the guillotine shearing plate has a slightly higher precision, and the pendulum type is more affordable and easy to maintain. If you cut a thicker board, I suggest using a brake-type stabilizer, and a thinner one can use a pendulum-type.


After passing these explanations, I believe that you have a general idea about the difference between hydraulic guillotine shears and hydraulic swing shears. If you have any questions, you can consult us at any time, whether it is by right-clicking to contact us directly, Or the phone or email below is fine, we will reply as soon as we check.

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