Daily maintenance of hydraulic pendulum shears

Any machine has a service life, so how to increase the service life of the hydraulic pendulum shears as much as possible? Then the daily maintenance of hydraulic swing shears is required. Today, Mingcheng will introduce the daily maintenance of hydraulic pendulum shears.


  1. Strictly follow the operating procedures.

  2. The hydraulic pendulum shears must be kept clean at all times, and the unpainted parts must be anti-rust grease.

  3. If you find that the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is operating abnormally during use, immediately cut off the power supply and turn it off for inspection.

  4. When adjusting the hydraulic pendulum shears, the power supply must be cut off. Please pay attention to the safety of your hands when moving the workpiece. All parts of hydraulic pendulum shears should be lubricated frequently. Operators should refill lubricating oil once per shift, and mechanics should refill rolling bearing components every six months.

  5. Check the blade gap frequently and adjust the gap in time according to the thickness of different materials.

  6. The blades of hydraulic swing shears must be kept sharp. If the blade becomes short or cracked, it should be replaced in time. It is not allowed to leave weld marks, gas cut joints and obvious burrs on the weld surface.

  7. When adjusting the machine, the machine must be stopped to avoid personal and machine accidents.

  8. During operation, if abnormal sound or excessive fuel tank is found, please stop and check immediately. The maximum temperature of the fuel tank is less than or equal to 60°C.

  9. Do not frequently cut the workpiece beyond the capacity of the hydraulic pendulum shears to avoid damage to the machine. The cut size of the narrowest sheet shall not be less than 40mm.

  10. Regularly check the V-belt, handle, knob and button for damage. If the wear is severe, it should be replaced in time, and spare parts should be reported for supplement.

  11. Lubricate and scrub the machine tool 10 minutes before get off work every day.

  12. It is forbidden to operate the equipment by non-designated personnel, and it is necessary to stop the machine from the machine.

  13. The machine runs for 5000 hours for secondary maintenance.

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