Gantry type Water Jet

Gantry type Water Jet
Gantry type Water Jet

Gantry Type Water Jet: Crafted for Complexity


The MC Gantry Type Water Jet seamlessly integrates X, Y, and Z axes, water tank, cutting head, lubrication part, and servo driving system. This structure is tailored for large-scale machines, boasting extended X and Y axis distances—perfect for processing complex, sizable parts.

Product Information

The MC Gantry Type Water Jet Cutting Machine comes in various sizes, including MC-2500, MC-3000, MC-4000, MC-6000, and more, offering customization as needed.

  • Z Axis Travel: 150mm
  • Servo System: YASKAWA, JAPAN
  • Cutting Accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Control Accuracy: ±0.01mm
  • Re-positioning Accuracy: ±0.025mm/m
  • Max. Moving Speed: 6000mm/min

Applications: MC Water Jet Cutting Machines are widely adopted in metal cutting, glass cutting, stone cutting, and fiber cutting industries.

MC Standard Water Jet Machine: Precision Unleashed

Integral Gantry Type Structure

  1. Superior Precision: Casting beam and base frame of Y-axis ensure superior precision and stability.
  2. Enhanced Stability: Lathe bed and water tank are non-detachable, treated to eliminate stress, guaranteeing accuracy and stability over time.
  3. High-Precision Movement: X and Y axes utilize high-precision ball screws and guide linear rails.

Model MC-2515: Double Cutting Heads

  • Cutting Area: 2500mm x 1500mm

Model MC-1010: Compact Precision

  • Cutting Area: 800mm x 800mm

Key Features:

  • Highly rigid water jet cutting platform
  • Driven by a servo motor for stable transmission
  • Fully enclosed X and Y axis for dust protection
  • Utilizes HIWIN linear guide ways, TBI or German I+F ball screws
  • Mitsubishi or Yaskawa servo drive system ensures high precision and durability

MC CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine (L=Gantry Type): Unparalleled Performance


Efficient Cutting Area (mm)1000x10001500x15002000x15002500x15003000x1500
Axis Travel (X) (mm)10001500200025003000
Axis Travel (Y) (mm)10001500150015001500
Axis Travel (Z) (mm)150-180
Cutting Accuracy (mm)±0.1
Positioning Accuracy (mm)±0.02
X, Y Dry-Run Speed (m/min)0-15 (30m/min upon request)
Cutting Speed (m/min)Variable based on material and thickness

Dynamic 5 Cutting Head: Precision Redefined

  • Max 5 Cutting Head: Cuts any angle within ±45°, solving the inclination challenge and enabling 2D/3D cutting effortlessly.
  • Dynamic 5 Cutting Head: Ensures vertical cutting section accuracy by compensating the 10° cutting angle without sacrificing speed.
  • Multi-Head: Double or multiple waterjet cutting heads operate on the same track simultaneously, significantly improving efficiency.

High-Pressure Pump Options

  1. MC Pumps: Available in 40hp, 50hp, 100hp
  2. Hypertherm

CNC Controller & Software

  • WEIHONG CNC System
  • Nesting & Programming
  • ECS Controller

Optional Functions for Tailored Precision

  • Abrasive Feeding System
  • Cooling System
  • Cutting Head with Drilling Function
  • Height Measurement
  • Exchanged Platform
  • Hydraulic Loading System
  • Sludge Removal System

Waterjet Cutting Table Varieties

  • Gantry Type
  • Cantilever Type
  • Full Closed Small Type
  • Custom Type

MC - Redefining Water Jet Cutting Precision

Explore the world of water jet cutting with MC's state-of-the-art machines. Whether you need intricate cuts for metals, stones, or other materials, MC Water Jet Cutting solutions redefine precision. Contact us to elevate your cutting capabilities.