Cantilever Cnc Water Jet

Cantilever Cnc Water Jet
Cantilever Cnc Water Jet

In the ever-evolving landscape of CNC technology, our Cantilever CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine stands out as a true marvel, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency. Tailored to meet the demands of cutting both soft and hard materials, this machine is the epitome of high-performance engineering.

Working Principle: Mastering the Art of Precision

At the heart of our Cantilever CNC Water Jet lies a 50 HP Supercharger with a remarkable 420 MPa pressure, ensuring a flawlessly smooth finish at high speeds. The "Intensifier," the mainstay of this machine, proudly boasts a "Made in USA" label, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

The cutting head, designed for user-friendliness and minimal maintenance, features a USA-made "Water Switch Seal Kit" and other essential components. The entire machine is driven by highly accurate YASKAWA servo motors from Japan, ensuring trouble-free operation and an extended lifespan of its components.

Product Features: Redefining Excellence

  1. Advanced Structural Design: The Cantilever style, with a separate machine frame and water tank, ensures precision by preventing stress variations from affecting the cutting accuracy. The X beam, crafted from a one-off extrusion forming aluminum alloy, offers lightweight strength and unparalleled resilience.

  2. Enhanced Durability: By canceling dustproof cloth on X, Y, Z axes and concealing the Y-axis towline, we've significantly improved the machine's lifespan while reducing maintenance costs.

  3. Optimized Motor Connection: Direct connections between the motor and ball screw via a flexible coupling absorb vibration energy, providing higher drive accuracy compared to traditional rigid couplings.

  4. International Quality Components: With high-quality international brand ball screws and a linear guide transmission structure, our machine ensures both speed and accuracy in the movement of the cutting head.

  5. Precision in Every Detail: The cutting head, featuring a casting structure and concrete design, undergoes special processing to eliminate traces of deformation, ensuring long-term mechanical precision.

Why Choose Our Cantilever CNC Water Jet?

Our extensive experience in the water jet industry has allowed us to focus on the details that truly matter. Here's why our Cantilever CNC Water Jet stands out:

  • Affordable Excellence: Offering quality machines at an affordable price, we provide the best value in the industry, ensuring efficiency and durability.

  • Versatility Unleashed: With a Cantilever style (including a flying arm), our machine is designed for cutting materials of varying sizes, providing ease in loading and unloading materials from the cutting bed.

  • Continuous Operation: Engineered for 24-hour continuous operation, our water jet machine ensures non-stop productivity.

  • User-Friendly Operations: Equipped with a PC Controller and AC servo motor, our machine is designed for easy operation, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Distinguishing Features from Similar Machines: A Cut Above the Rest

Our Cantilever CNC Water Jet doesn't just cut; it defines the cutting-edge. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Structural Innovation: The Cantilever style ensures ease of material handling, a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from other machines.

  • Precision Redefined: With cutting accuracy of +/- 0.10mm and repeat positioning accuracy of +/- 0.05mm, our machine outperforms competitors in precision cutting.

  • Long-Term Reliability: The welded steel structure with tempering treatment and integral metal plates covering the machine frame ensures both accuracy and an extended service life.

Guiding You to Excellence: Inquire Now

Are you ready to elevate your cutting experience to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency? Our Cantilever CNC Water Jet is the answer. To explore the limitless possibilities of this cutting-edge technology, inquire now. Experience the future of CNC water jet cutting, where every cut is a masterpiece. Contact us, and let precision redefine your craftsmanship!

Tailored Specifications for Precision Cutting

Specifications for Cantilever CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

  • Max. Pressure: 420MPA
  • Max. Flow Rate: 3.7L/min
  • Electrical Source Voltage: 3 phases 220/380 Voltage, 50/60Hz, 37KW, 50HP
  • Max. Diameter of Nozzle/Orifice: 1.02mm/0.33mm
  • Max. Delivery Capacity of Oil Pump: 106L/min
  • Max. Cutting Heads: 1-10 cutting heads (1 for standard machine)

Distinctive Technical Features

  1. Separate Body Design: A separate body between the cutting table and load-bearing platform prevents interference, maintaining cutting accuracy by eliminating long-term stress variations.

  2. Extrusion Forming Technology: The X beam of the cutting table applies one-off extrusion forming aluminum alloy, ensuring light weight, strength, and resistance to deformation.

  3. Enhanced Durability and Reduced Maintenance: Canceling dustproof cloth on X, Y, Z axes and hiding the Y axis towline greatly improves machine life and saves on maintenance costs.

  4. Optimized Motor Connection: Motor and ball screw are directly connected by a flexible coupling, absorbing vibration energy and providing higher drive accuracy compared to other couplings.

  5. Quality Components for Precision: The machine is equipped with highly accurate YASKAWA servo motors (made in Japan) to ensure trouble-free operation and a long lifespan of parts.

  6. International Brand Components: The use of high-quality international brand ball screws and a linear guide transmission structure guarantees the moving speed and accuracy of the cutting head.

Customizable Cutting Tables for Your Needs

Customers have the flexibility to choose the model of the cutting table based on their material's size. The following are standard models we offer, ensuring that your specific requirements are met seamlessly.

Applications and Cutting Samples

Our Cantilever CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine finds applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. It is designed to cut both metals and non-metals with precision. See the cutting sample for a glimpse of the machine's capabilities.

Experience ERVIN Water Jet Machines: A Commitment to Quality

At ERVIN, we believe in delivering quality machines at an affordable price, providing the best value in the industry. Our heavy-duty water jet machines are designed for efficiency and durability, offering a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Main Features of ERVIN Water Jet Machines

  • Max. Pressure: 380Mpa - 420Mpa
  • Working Pressure: 320Mpa - 360Mpa
  • Continuous Working Time: 24 hours
  • Mechanical Drive: Ball and screw and linear guide rail
  • Controlling System: PC Controller/AC servo motor
  • Cutting: X and Y direction
  • Z Axis Travel Distance: 150mm

Structural Style: Cantilever Style with Flying Arm

  • Cutting Accuracy: +/- 0.10mm
  • Accuracy of Repeat Positioning: +/- 0.05mm

Technical Data and Machine Frame Features

Main Technical Data

  • Power Supply: 220V or 480V 3-phase 60hz
  • Installed Power: 25-40Kw
  • Max. Water Flow: 3.0L/min - 3.7L/min
  • Inner Diameter of Ruby Orifice: 0.26mm - 0.30mm
  • Inner Diameter of Mixing Tube: 0.76mm - 1.00mm
  • Water Inlet Pressure: 0.20Mpa
  • Max. Movement Speed: 5000mm/min

High-Pressure Pump

  • USA-Made Parts: Ceramic plug, high-pressure cylinder, check valve, high-pressure pipe, cutting head, high and low-pressure seal kit, etc.
  • Maximum Pressure: 380Mpa (30 H.P.: 3,200 Bar, 45,000psi) - 420Mpa (50hp 3,800 Bar, 55,000psi)

Machine Frame

  • X, Y, and Z Axis Machine Frame
  • Welded Steel Structure: Tempering treatment to keep the machine within tight tolerances
  • Precision Ball Screw, Linear Guide Way: Ensures stability and accuracy
  • Integral Metal Plates Covering and Protecting the Machine Frame: Ensures accuracy and long service life

Water Tank and Cutting Table

  • Separated Design: Water tank and cutting table are separated from the machine for accuracy and stability
  • Double-Layered Water Tank: 304 stainless steel material applied to the inside of the machine
  • Load-Bearing Cutting Table: Arc-shaped, ensuring a long service life
  • Adjustable for Flatness: Cutting table is adjustable for flatness

Controlling System

  • Servo Motor and Servo Amplification
  • PC System: Italian-made ESA controlling system, reliable, and easy to operate
  • Auxiliary Functions: Coner slowdown, reverse cutting, and dynamic piercing auxiliary functions
  • Easy Adjustment: Easy to adjust cutting speed to meet the requirement of material

Programming Software

  • PC Configuration: Windows XP based, Intel 5300: 2G RAM: 320 GB HDD, 19" LCD Monitor
  • Supports DXF File and Auto Programming: Produces G-code
  • U Disk Availability: U disk can be available to input file
  • Functions: Auto-nesting, Auto programming, Auto kerf compensation, Edge-share cutting, Auto lead-in and lead-out, small line segment auto-optimization functions, calculation of cutting perimeter

Automatic Garnet Supply System

  • Pneumatic Type: For ease of use
  • Low Garnet Alarm: Adjustable air cylinder can manually set the garnet flow

Cutting Head Assembly

  • Advanced Cutting Head Assembly: Increases cutting efficiency, prolonging its life span
  • Imported Water On/Off: Instantly by pneumatic valve and can be on/off according to the set time

Requirements for Operation

  • Power Supply: 220V or 480V power
  • Water Supply Inlet: Pressure of 200Kpa
  • Constant Dry Air: Minimum of 800Kpa pressure
  • Hydraulic Oil: 205 liters of super-stabilized hydraulic oil

Optional Features

  • Industrial Cooler: Maintains oil temperature under 40 degrees, protecting the intensifier system and saving water
  • Water Softening System: Removes hard minerals from normal tap water, prolonging the life of high-pressure parts and avoiding scale formation
  • Loading and Unloading Arms: Aid in lifting large items, reducing material damage, and enhancing worker safety

Inquire Now: Elevate Your Cutting Experience

The Cantilever CNC Water Jet by MC is not just a cutting machine; it's a precision tool designed to redefine your craftsmanship. If you're ready to explore the limitless possibilities of CNC water jet cutting, inquire now. Contact us, and let precision redefine your cutting experience