Door Embossing Press Machine

Door Embossing Press Machine
Door Embossing Press Machine
Door Embossing Press Machine
Door Embossing Press Machine

YL 78-3600t Column Door Embossing Press Machine

I. Main mechanical parts and mechanism:

1.1 The fuselage adopts a three-beam and six-column structure. The upper beam and the working table are combined into a fixed frame by the vertical column, fastening nut and adjusting nut. The accuracy of the frame is adjusted by adjusting nut, which has good strength, stiffness and accuracy retention.

1.2 The upper beam, workbench, slide block and other large pieces are steel plate welding parts. After computer optimization design, its strength, rigidity, structure, deformation resistance and other large pieces meet the standard and use requirements, and have sufficient safety coefficient;

Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and manual arc welding are adopted. The welding quality meets the requirements. The deformation stress is eliminated by aging vibration treatment.

1.3 Slider: The steel plate welding part with box structure. The guide sleeve at the four-column guide hole is made of nano-molecular composite material, which has good durability and accuracy retention.

The lower plane of the slider has a T-shaped slot for mounting the die.

1.4 Upper beam: the steel plate welding part of box structure, which is equipped with the main working oil cylinder and the liquid-filled oil tank above.

1.5 Work table: steel plate welding structure, and the upper beam, slide block through the column connected to the main engine.

1.6 Oil cylinder: It is designed with five cylinders and arranged in the upper beam hole, sealed with double entrance sealing ring. The guide part is treated with copper welding, which has good sealing and wear resistance. The oil cylinder is made of forged steel no. 45.

1.7 There is a ejector under the working table, which is mainly used for ejecting and returning materials, etc., and can also be used for the forming process of backward drawing products.

1.8 Column: the material is 45# forged steel. After tempering treatment, the surface is plated with hard chrome to increase the abrasion resistance and the hardness is qualified.

1.9 The nuts are made of 45 # forged steel, matching the thread on the column and locking the body.

1.10 limit device: It is located on the right side of the main machine body. The travel switch controls the upper and lower limit positions. By adjusting the upper and lower limit switches, the upper and lower motion positions of the slider are adjusted.

Hydraulic press Embossing machine Door plate embossing machine (Figure 1)


Ii. Hydraulic System:

2.1 The machine has an independent hydraulic power mechanism, which is composed of pump, motor, valve integrated block, oil tank, etc. The power mechanism includes oil filtration, liquid level display and other devices.

2.2 The hydraulic system adopts two-way plug-in valve, which is featured by small volume, compact structure, small flow resistance, large flow, sensitive operation, reliable operation, good sealing performance, convenient maintenance and long service life.

The lower chamber of the master cylinder has a two-stage support system to ensure that the sliding block does not fall in the event of a sudden failure of a component.

The system is provided with a pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure of the upper chamber of the main cylinder.

2.3 The main oil pump is axial piston pump with stable performance.

2.4 The oil tank is welded steel plate structure, with oil standard to facilitate the observation of oil level, and air filter and valve integration block are arranged in an orderly manner above the oil tank cover plate.

2.5 The main hydraulic pipelines are connected with flanges and equipped with reasonable anti-seismic pipe clamps to prevent vibration and leakage of high-pressure pipelines. Pickling and passivation treatment shall be carried out before pipeline installation to ensure the cleanliness of oil.

2.6 Pressure gauge: The machine USES seismic pressure gauge, which is not easy to be damaged. The electric contact pressure gauge always displays the pressure of the upper chamber of the main cylinder, and stops working when the set pressure is reached, effectively playing a protective role.

2.7 Pressure safety: The cartridge valve is equipped with a pressure adjustment system. When the pressure exceeds the set value, it will overflow and return oil, so that the system will always stay within the set pressure and reach the overpressure protection effect.

Iii. Electrical System:

3.1 Equipped with independent electrical control system, relay or PLC control system (PLC markup), centralized control by button.

3.2 The power supply of the machine is AC380V and 50HZ;

The voltage of the indicator light is 380V.

Iv. Operating System

4.1 Adjustment and semi-automatic operation can be realized.

4.2 Adjustment (inching) : Operate the corresponding function button to complete the corresponding action, and press the button once to complete the inching of the corresponding action, which is mainly used for equipment adjustment and mold replacement.

4.3 Semi-automatic: Press the work button to complete a process cycle.

(Semi-automatic action can also be set according to user requirements)

4.4 The stroke of the slider is adjusted by the stroke control device.

4.5 The main cylinder shall be regulated by the remote pressure regulating valve.

V. Safety Device:

5.1 The static and emergency stop button: Press the "static" button to stop the action in case of any abnormality.

Press the "emergency stop" button, including the motor stop.

5.2 The motor control part is equipped with thermal protector, circuit breaker and other devices to protect the motor from overload and over current short circuit.

5.3 The control block in the lower chamber of the main cylinder is provided with an anti-slip falling device and a safety valve. The slide block can be static at any position to prevent the slide block from slipping out of control.

5.4 Overload protection: The hydraulic system circuit is equipped with a relief valve. When the oil pressure exceeds the set value, the hydraulic system will automatically overflow and limit the pressure. The set value of protection can be adjusted to ensure that the press will not overload.

5.5 Overpressure protection: The pressure gauge with electric contact always displays the upper chamber pressure of the main cylinder, and stops working when the set pressure is reached, effectively playing the role of overpressure protection.

Yl78-3600t hydraulic press Features:

Three beam structure, economical and practical, the hydraulic control USES the cartridge valve integrated system, reduce the leak point, reliable operation, long service life, which can realize constant pressure and cheng is two kinds of forming process, have confirmed when rolling function, working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the prescribed scope, USES the centralized control buttons, which can realize three kinds of manual, semiautomatic, automatic operation mode.

1, the hydraulic machine can be customized for various models of the top cylinder

2. Blanking buffer device

3. PLC touch screen control shunt

4. Quick stroke liquid filling device

5. 20T--16000T can be customized according to customers' requirements

Yl78-3600t hydraulic press Embossing machine Functions:

This series of hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as stamping, bending, flanging and thin drawing, etc. It can also be engaged in correction, pressing, pressing and forming of plastic products and powder products.


Yl78-3600t hydraulic press Embossing machine Operation:

Before the formal work, first do the following inspection work

1. Check whether all bolts, nuts and oil pipe joints are loose, especially the bolts and nuts on the oil pump valve parts. If they are loose, please tighten them in time to prevent early damage of parts and hydraulic parts and other accidents

2. When starting the motor to run, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal phenomenon or sound, please find out the reason in time