Dished Head Press Hydraulic Machine

Dished Head Press Hydraulic Machine
Dished Head Press Hydraulic Machine

Detailed structure of the main engine of the dished head  press hydraulic press:

The dished headhydraulic press with three-beam and four-column structure is composed of the fuselage, main cylinder, stroke limit device, lubricating device, hydraulic power system and electrical system, etc. The fuselage is composed of upper beam, slide block, working table, vertical column, lock mother and guide sleeve, etc. The slide block moves up and down the four columns in a straight line driven by the oil cylinder.

Each beam of hydraulic press is generally designed into a hollow box structure, the middle is added with the floor, the important parts are made into cylindrical shape, bearing large area of the floor is more dense, in order to improve the stiffness, reduce local stress, the floor is generally made of square or radiation layout.

An oil filling hole is opened at the middle beam guide hole to lubricate the column with lubricating oil.

A working oil cylinder can be installed on the upper beam, an ejector hole can be set on the lower beam according to the pressing process, and a ejector hydraulic cylinder device can be installed.

Hydraulic press 3 beam adopts domestic of high qualified steel plate Q235B, cutting, welding as a whole has good rigidity strength - polishing - remove all welding slag welding center and beam connection with parts of the oxide layer on rough finish machining, precision milling surface - boring process for each hole shape, precision milling T slot, chamfering deburring, spraying antirust paint storage after inspection.


Use conditions of head stretcher:

1. Temperature of equipment working area: 0~50℃ (±)

2. Power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V, 50HZ, voltage fluctuation range 380V± 10%

3. Cooling method: water cooling device

4. Medium used in the hydraulic system: No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil