Frame Door Embossing Press Machine

Frame Door Embossing Press Machine
Frame Door Embossing Press Machine

YL77-2500t hydraulic press is security doors, steel doors, interior doors special hydraulic press molding, also suitable for pressing of materials of plasticity, bending, flanging, such as extrusion forming process, you can also perform calibration, pressure equipment, the press forming of powder products and non-metallic materials such as plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, the press forming of insulation materials and abrasive products, which is suitable for deep drawing, reverse convex, such as processing technology, can highlight artifacts more stereo effect.

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YL77-2500t 液压机 防盗门、钢木门、室内门专用(图6)

Yl77-2500t hydraulic press working pressure, pressing speed, stroke can be adjusted according to the process needs in the specified range of parameters.

This machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control, can realize manual, semi-automatic, automatic three operating modes.

Two pressing modes, constant pressure and range, can be realized.

Optional accessories:

Moving table

Hydraulic system cooling and temperature control device

Numerical control device for stroke and pressure display

PLC programmable controller

Operation of steel and wood door molding machine:

1. Check whether all the bolts, nuts and tubing joints are loose, especially the bolts and nuts on the original parts of the oil pump valve are particularly important. If they are loose, please tighten them in time to prevent early damage of parts and hydraulic components and other accidents

2. When starting the motor for operation, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal phenomenon or sound, please find out the reason in time


1. The parameters are for reference only. The specific parameters are subject to the actual factory samples.

Can be customized according to user needs.

2. The speed of the slider is selected according to the user's use process and requirements. If the customer has no special requirements, our company will configure the speed according to our general requirements.

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Basic machine

The whole structure of the fuselage adopts steel plate welding structure, and carbon dioxide gas protection welding is adopted for welding. After welding, internal resistance points are eliminated.

框架式液压机 防盗门、钢木门、室内门专用(图2)

The main oil cylinder

The cylinder body is made of carbon steel forgings, the inner hole of the cylinder and the hardness of rolling after processing

框架式液压机 防盗门、钢木门、室内门专用(图3)

The hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of oil pump, valve block, filling valve, cooling filter system, pipeline, etc. The electrical control system controls various actions of the hydraulic press.

框架式液压机 防盗门、钢木门、室内门专用(图4)

Electrical control system

Electrical components using domestic products can also be according to customer requirements

框架式液压机 防盗门、钢木门、室内门专用(图5)

Equipment operating conditions:

1. Temperature of equipment working area: -20~60℃ (±)

2. Power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V, 50HZ, voltage fluctuation range 380V± 10%

3. Cooling method: water cooling device

4. Medium used in the hydraulic system: No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil

Yl77-2500t hydraulic press Performance characteristics:

Frame structure, good rigidity;

High precision;

Four - column structure is simple, economical and practical.

The hydraulic control adopts the integrated system of plug-in valve, with small impact, reliable operation, long service life and few leakage points.

The new type oil cylinder sealing element has high reliability and long service life.

The slide block can be drawn and pressed together to realize single action.

The speed of opening and closing die is adjustable, accurate and reliable.

Two-hand operation, safe, efficient and reliable, operation mode: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic operation mode

Fast by mold pressing, also can be no load fast by mold pressing, slow pressing two types of models

Control mode: fixed pressure suppression and range suppression two.