Circuit schematic diagram of QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears

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QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears electrical schematic diagram?


The electrical schematic diagram of QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears shows all electrical components and electrical equipment connection methods, and provides necessary information for the installation, maintenance and debugging of electrical control equipment.


Commonly used hydraulic shears electrical diagram: electrical schematic diagram, electrical component layout diagram, electrical installation wiring diagram. The electrical schematic diagram of the QC12Y hydraulic shears is relatively simple, including a double switch for starting and stopping the motor, plus a motor protection device. The main circuit includes switches, contactors, thermal protection switches, etc.

Electrical schematic diagram of QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears: express the composition and connection relationship of the electrical control system, mainly used to analyze the working principle of the control system.

1. The main circuit, control circuit, and other auxiliary signal, lighting circuits, and protection circuits constitute an electrical control system. Each circuit should be drawn independently in the horizontal direction.

2. All electrical components in the circuit are represented by uniform symbols specified by national standards, and their contact states are drawn as normal. The main circuit of hydraulic shears is generally drawn on the left or above the control circuit, and the complicated system is drawn in separate drawings. All energy-consuming components (coils, indicator lights, etc.) are drawn at the bottom of the circuit.

Graphical symbols should meet the requirements of GB4728 "Graphical Symbols for Electrical Diagrams". The text symbols should meet the requirements of GB7159-87 "Basic text symbols commonly used in electrical equipment".

3. Divide the schematic diagram into several areas along the abscissa, and indicate the functions of the circuits in this area. The contact table below the relay and contactor coil is used to illustrate the subordination relationship between the coil and the contact.


QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears have upper and lower blades. Generally, the lower blade is installed on the worktable, and the upper blade performs reciprocating motion to cut. After shearing, the straightness and parallelism requirements of the shear surface of the sheared sheet should be guaranteed, and the distortion of the sheet should be minimized to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. The working principle of the circuit is as follows:


The original circuit diagram of the shearing machine


The hydraulic principle of QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears: when the solenoid valve is in the normally open position (not energized), the combined valve opens, the system is unloaded, no high pressure is generated, and the machine does not produce shearing action; when the solenoid valve is energized, the combined valve closes The pressure in the oil circuit rises rapidly, and the material pressing device acts first to overcome the tension of the spring. The pressure in the oil circuit continues to rise, and the knife holder produces shearing action under the action of the oil cylinder. The nitrogen gas in the nitrogen return cylinder is compressed, and the upper knife holder reaches its bottom dead. Point, the travel switch is activated, the solenoid valve 7 is de-energized, the entire oil circuit is unloaded, the upper tool post returns under the action of the carriage cylinder, and the material pressing device is reset under the action of the spring.

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What should I do if the opening of the shear machine is inconsistent? Solve all problems in 7 steps(图4)

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