How to use hydraulic shears?QC12Y hydraulic shearing machine use

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How to use hydraulic shears? For people who use this machine for the first time, this must be mastered. If you do not master it well, you may not be able to use the hydraulic shearing machine well, or even cause various problems during use due to improper operation. Affect the normal operation of the shears. As for the hydraulic pendulum shears, let's introduce its operating procedures. We have already understood how to operate it, plus the operating procedures to complete it.

 How to use hydraulic shears?QC12Y hydraulic shearing machine use(图1)

    1. The use of QC12Y hydraulic shearing machine


    (1) Start the hydraulic shear blade machine for several cycles to ensure that under normal conditions, try to cut different thickness plates from thin to thick, and ensure that users are familiar with the performance of the hydraulic shear blade.


    (2) Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial cutting. If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected.


    (3) Turn on the pressure gauge switch during the cutting process of the hydraulic shear blade, and observe the oil pressure value. The pressure should be less than 20MPa when cutting a 12mm plate.


    (4) The pressure is set to 20-22MPa before leaving the factory, and the user must comply with this regulation, and shall not increase the pressure for cutting over the specified material surface and cause damage to the machine.


    (5) The sound is balanced during operation. If there is noise in the blade of the hydraulic guillotine shears, stop and check.


    (6) When the hydraulic guillotine shears blade is operating, the temperature of the oil tank is raised <60 degrees, and when it exceeds, it will shut down and rest.

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    2. Operating procedures of QC12Y hydraulic shearing machine


    (1) Before work


    a. Before the dry-run test run, the machine should be cranked manually for a working stroke, and the equipment can be started after confirming that it is normal.


    b. For equipment with hydraulic devices, check the oil storage tank to have sufficient oil. After starting the oil pump, check the valves and pipelines for leaks. The pressure should meet the requirements. Open the air release valve to release the air in the system.

 How to use hydraulic shears?QC12Y hydraulic shearing machine use(图3)

    (2) At work


    a. It is forbidden to cut laminated sheets, trim the edges of raw-edged sheets, or cut narrow sheets and short sheets that are not tightly compressed.


    b. The gap between the blades should be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet, but it should not be greater than 1/30 of the maximum. The knife plate should be fastened firmly and the upper and lower knife plates should be kept parallel. After adjustment, manual turning should be used for inspection to avoid accidents.

 How to use hydraulic shears?QC12Y hydraulic shearing machine use(图4)

    c. The cutting edge of the blade should be kept sharp. If the cutting edge becomes blunt or cracked, it should be replaced in time.


    d. When cutting, the pressing device should firmly press the sheet, and it is not allowed to cut without being tight.


    e. For equipment with hydraulic devices, other hydraulic valves except for throttling are not allowed to be adjusted privately.


    f. For the thickness of the sheared sheet of the hydraulic pendulum shears, it should be determined according to the "Relationship Curve Graph of Ultimate Strength of Sheet Metal and Sheet Thickness".


    (3) After work


    The upper knife board should be dropped on the lowest position.