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Dalian Mingcheng’s QC11Y/A Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine and QC12Y Hydraulic Guillotine Plate Shearing Machine are commonly used in the shearing of various metal materials. They are mainly used in steel manufacturing, ships, automobiles, container manufacturing, switch appliances, light industry and other industries.


what does shearing machine do?why shearing machine is used?This year, the state has successively issued detailed planning rules for the revitalization of the shipbuilding and equipment manufacturing industries. As the tight support of the shipbuilding industry and equipment manufacturing industry, the timely replacement of large-scale hydraulic guillotine shears in order to comply with the new requirements is particularly tense.


The functional characteristics of hydraulic guillotine shears

Hydraulic guillotine shears are developed by a high-tech enterprise that adopts the integration of mechatronics and hydraulics, and has absorbed the advantages and specialties of traditional rigid guillotine shears. The optimization plan of the product has dealt with the problem that the pendulum shears are easy to be twisted when cutting narrow width boards;

Handle the signs of slow speed, loud noise, and unreliable things, especially the return stroke of the double nitrogen cylinder, which increases the speed of the tool post by 30%; the tense components such as the frame use the "UG finite element analysis method" to make it Good strength and rigidity;

After the optimized plan, the product materials are well controlled and utilized to ensure that the accuracy of the work and how much accuracy are in line with the national standards. Compared with similar products: First, the problem that the hydraulic pendulum shears is easy to twist when cutting narrow width plates; Second, the signs of slow return speed, high noise, and unreliability of the hydraulic pendulum shears have been handled. And it can ensure the safety and reliability of the machine tool in the environment where the connecting piece is broken and hindered.