Moon cakes, egg yolk crisps, and red envelopes to give away! Mingcheng's Mid-Autumn Festival benefit

Release Time : 2020-09-29  View Count :

The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is coming soon, and some friends who are far away from home have already entered the vacation time in advance. I hope everyone can have a happy and comfortable holiday.

In the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, every family will eat moon cakes on this day. But in fact, it is not the mainstream that buys mooncakes for myself, and more of them are company mooncakes.

Every time before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, there will be a ceremony on the Internet to expose the Mid-Autumn Festival benefits. It can be said that as an office worker, what I look forward to most is the Mid-Autumn Festival benefits issued by the company! After receiving the benefits, it is the most satisfying thing to have a beautiful online tour and reap the envy of a bunch of netizens!

Nowadays, moon cakes have also been finished with various novel flavors, packaging and forms.

And the mooncakes issued by Mingcheng Machinery and Electric this year did not disappoint everyone's expectations. Not only did the packaging look good, but the fillings were also the super popular quicksand mooncakes this year.


In addition to the taste of moon cakes, the packaging of moon cakes is also very important. The packaging design this time is very similar to a bag, which is very popular among office girls, especially the handle part.

In addition, this time I also gave the Mid-Autumn Festival pastry-egg yolk pastry, and a red envelope. This Mid-Autumn Festival welfare can almost dominate the circle of friends, haha~