​Dished End Flanging Machine

​Dished End Flanging Machine
​Dished End Flanging Machine

The flanging machine USES spinning principle to process the blank from the drum machine into oval shape, dish shape, ball shape, flat bottom or cone bottom.

The structure is a closed frame with good rigidity.

Spinning speed adjustable cusp.

PLC control (Omron, Japan) makes the operation easier.

Different diameters and thicknesses have different technical data. Please contact us for more information

Machine application:

The end of the steel cutlery pot is the largest used for the pot body. The maximum diameter is 10000mm and the thickness is 80mm.

Canned steel dishes can produce various heads, such as standard oval heads, dish heads, cone heads, spherical heads, etc.

Steel can produce a variety of can - shaped, such as oval, dish - shaped, cone - shaped, spherical, large can deformation.

The coil pressure is the first step in a steel dish.

The piston of the main cylinder moves up and down, driving the upper tool to press into the original plate to make the desired concave shape.

Inside the frame is a manipulator.It will move, rotate and tilt the workpiece.

The main engine is welded with high quality steel plate, and the vibration aging treatment eliminates the welding stress with high strength and rigidity.The welding adopts a closed U-shaped structure, with the main cylinder for the upper beam and workbench for the lower beam, working together with the operating system.

Scope of application



The spinning equipment is mainly used for metal plate spinning forming, such as manufacturing all kinds of container heads and large car covers, etc., operated by personnel with mature spinning technology, the forming wheel is installed inside, and the pressure is turned outside.During manufacturing, the forming wheel is first opened, and the pressure wheel rotates with the forming wheel at the same time. After the workpiece is formed, the pressure wheel returns to the rear.At this point, remove the head mold, complete a working cycle.


Control system

The machine has independent power system, hydraulic system and electrical system, adopts button centralized control, the operation position of the machine has emergency stop button.

With inching and semi-automatic function, can realize automatic return of goods according to product needs.

There are fixed pressure and constant pressure processes available.

The designed working pressure of the machine is 31.5mpa, and the working stroke can be adjusted within a certain range to meet the needs of users of different products.

The hydraulic system

Part of the hydraulic system USES O-type valve structure, supporting the solenoid valve for domestic high quality valves, simple and compact, convenient and practical.

Install a precision oil filter to ensure proper operation of the system.

Use a two-way hydraulic lock to ensure safe operation.

The overall closed structure of the storage tank can provide good oil proof and external isolation to provide protection for the stable operation of the system.

High - pressure axial piston pump provides a high - quality power source for the system.

Vibrating parts are equipped with high pressure hoses to fully eliminate shock and vibration and reduce the possibility of leakage.