Four-Column Hydraulic Press

Four-Column Hydraulic Press
Four-Column Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic four-column structure of the hydraulic press is one of the most common structural forms of the hydraulic press, its remarkable characteristics is spacious work space, convenient for four bodies to observe and close to the mold, the machine structure is simple, good technology.

Its fuselage is composed of beam, beam, lower beam and four support, working within the cylinder installed on the beam, beam and working cylinder piston connection into a whole, guided by post to do up and down, and the power transfer within the working cylinder, pressure of parts processing, four-column hydraulic press fault is worse under eccentric load.

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Low maintenance cost, low failure rate, safe and convenient

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Fully automated operating system/manual control system, centralized button control


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Performance characteristics of four - column hydraulic press

● Low power consumption, high tightness, reduce production costs.

● Simple structure, simple operation.

● Comprehensive safety protection and noise reduction, to provide a quality production environment.

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four-column hydraulic press(图1)