JCO Gantry Type CNC Plate Press Brake /Bending Machine

JCO Gantry Type CNC Plate Press Brake /Bending Machine
JCO Gantry Type CNC Plate Press Brake /Bending Machine
JCO Gantry Type CNC Plate Press Brake /Bending Machine
JCO Gantry Type CNC Plate Press Brake /Bending Machine

Main parameters of JCO gantry CNC bending machine


Machine tool's resistance to biased load

The electro-hydraulic proportional servo system of this machine is a kind of position control system, which can detect the synchronous error of the sliding block dynamically through the grating, and correct the synchronous error by the proportional valve of the hydraulic system, so that the sliding block is always parallel to the working table under the condition of complete off-load.

The machining capacity of machine tools

Bending full length (12200 mm) 3000 tons are distributed load state on the beam and under the table beam stress finite element analysis is as follows:

Upper beam: maximum deflection of full load 4.651, (this deflection deformation is the deflection analysis of the upper beam under full load. In practice, the upper beam is subjected to force under the state of separation from upper and lower positions of the upper die handle, so the deflection deformation in practice does not exceed 2.5)

Lower table: maximum deflection at full load 2.866


CXJ gantry CNC forming machine JOC bending machine

Power supply voltage: 3-phase 380V士10%; 50HZ土10%

Ambient temperature: 55 °C ~ +45 °C

Humidity: 20% - 75% non-condensing

Transport and storage temperature: -20 °C - +70 °C

1.The body is consist of the Column, work table, deflection compensation device, slider, hydraulic cylinder, tank, beam.

2 Bending full length (12200mm ) 3000tons Uniform loading condition Beam and lower workbench

3.The device is hydraulic on transmission, the two cylinders (Y1, Y2 axis) can work simultaneously, workbench and the slider to maintain parallel. The two ends of the machine are equipped with two gratings to detect the distance between the slide and the worktable.

4. Equipment is whole steel welded structure using screw connection, eliminate stress, with high strength, good rigidity, and easy to disassemble and transport.