How to maintain the hydraulic press?

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Nowadays, hydraulic plate shears are widely used and bring great convenience to the use of industrial industry. The application of hydraulic plate shears is also an epoch-making technical improvement and optimization, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also plays a perfect role in the operation of the whole society.

As an upgraded version of ordinary plate shears, hydraulic plate shears naturally have higher performance and working ability. As one of the important tools in industrial production, the maintenance of hydraulic plate shears is also very important. After all, if all tools only focus on use and do not pay attention to maintenance, then no matter how sophisticated equipment and tools, they will greatly shorten the service life. However, if properly maintained, it can not only give full play to its efficient performance, but also be used for a long time, thus reducing the cost.


Maintenance method of hydraulic plate shears: First, ensure that the operation is carried out in strict accordance with the wrong procedures. Illegal operation has always been the source of safety accidents. Illegal operation will not only bring potential safety hazards in production, but also cause irreversible damage to machinery and equipment. The next step is to check the lubricating oil before starting each time, to ensure that the lubricating oil is clean and free of impurities, so as to ensure that the hydraulic plate shears can play a high efficiency in operation. The other is the cleaning of the machine tool. As a commonly used machine, the machine tool of the hydraulic plate shears should be kept clean at all times, free of impurities, scraps and oil stains, otherwise the work and life of the hydraulic plate shears will be affected. In particular, it is necessary to check whether the machine tool itself has rusty places. It is necessary to protect the machine tool by coating it with anti rust paint or anti rust grease.

The motor is the core part of the hydraulic plate shearing machine, which is equivalent to the heart of the human being, and the motor bearing is the driving part of the energy, so it is more important to check the lubricating oil frequently, not only to add it regularly, but also to replace it regularly, and it is important not to forget to check whether the shop part works normally, safely and reliably, while for other small details and accessories, such as three belts, handles, etc., it is more necessary to prepare redundant accessories, This is a very important point, because only the normal operation of these components, the hydraulic plate shears can work normally.


How to select more applicable hydraulic plate shears:

1. When selecting and purchasing, try to select those that are highly automated and easy to control, so as to reduce the number of operators and reduce costs;

2. Those with stable operation, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency shall be selected to ensure that the quality of dried materials meets the needs of users;

3. The fuel used for the hydraulic plate shears is also an important aspect to consider purchasing. The drying equipment suitable for various fuels should be selected as far as possible, so that it can be adjusted in time according to the fuel market, which can greatly reduce the cost.