How to choose a bending machine suitable for the company? Mingcheng Electromechanical tells you!

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How to choose the bending machine suitable for my company? The choice of bending machine will not only affect the bending effect of the material, but also affect the actual production cost of the equipment. If the choice is inappropriate, it may increase the cost. Therefore, when buying a bending machine, you still need to consider many factors.

The first thing to note is that for each part of the bending machine, the model with the shortest worktable and smaller tonnage should be selected under the premise of meeting the processing task. At the same time, careful consideration must be given to the material grade and the larger processing thickness and length. If most of the workpieces are mild steel with a thickness of 16 and a maximum length of 3m, the free bending force does not need to be greater than 50 tons.


Assuming that the thicker material is 1/4 inch, a 200-ton bending machine is required for 10 feet of free bending, and a bending die of at least 600 tons needs to be bent. If most parts are 5 feet or less, the tonnage is almost halved, which greatly reduces the purchase cost. It can be seen that the length of the part is very important for determining the specifications of the machine.

Under the same load, the possibility of deformation of the 10-foot machine table and slider will greatly increase. This means that shorter machines require fewer gasket adjustments to produce qualified parts and reduce gaskets. Film adjustment shortens preparation time.

QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shearing machine(图2)


In order to choose a bending machine with a low tonnage specification, it is best to plan the bending radius to be larger than the material thickness and use the free bending method as much as possible. When the bending radius is large, it is usually premised not to affect the quality of the finished part and its future use.