How to install the shearing machine correctly

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The shearing machine has a long history in our country and is a forging machine mainly used in the metal processing industry. At present, electric shears have gradually been widely used in the material preparation part of the workshop. The shearing machine we often hear is divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission according to the transmission form. It mainly includes plate straight shear, plate curve shear, profile, steel bar shear and combined punching shear. Among them, sheet linear shears include shears, pendulum shears, right-angle shears, and multiple shears.

Before using the mechanical shears, please make sure it is installed correctly. Among them, the main body should be adjusted and the blade gap should be adjusted.


Install and use mechanical shears correctly

1. Adjust the body of the mechanical shearing machine

Before testing the mechanical shears, please tighten the surrounding anchor bolts to recheck the installation level, and thoroughly check all parts of the fuselage; add lubricant according to the lubricant; adjust the tightness of the V-belt; adjust the spring tension of the pressure plate ; Adjust the elasticity of the brake belt.


2. Adjust the blade gap

For sheets of various thicknesses, mechanical shears have different blade gaps. When adjusting the blade gap, rotate the flywheel by hand, move the upper tool bracket to the bottom dead center, loosen the screw fixing the blade on the worktable, determine the gap value according to the thickness of the shear plate, and then measure the blade with feeler gauge The full length. At this time, vibrate the flywheel to move the upper tool holder up and down several times, gradually tighten the bolts and nuts, and adjust the blade gap value to the required value, then tighten all the bolts of the fixed blade on the workbench, and check the gap value again until the requirements are met until.

The correct cutting method of the shearing machine should be to compress the plate during the cutting process. The shearing machine is equipped with a material pressing device controlled by a cam lever mechanism to ensure that the material pressing force is always constant during the cutting process. The server has a spring as a buffer. Among them, the blanking length is controlled by the back gauge at two points. Through the handwheel adjustment, the handle has been fixed. Each point is equipped with a mark to control the cutting slope. When the blanking length exceeds the control range of the rear baffle, the rear baffle can be removed to allow the paper to pass through without restriction.