Solution to the deformation of the metal in the middle of the bending machine

The middle of the board folded by the bending machine has an R angle, and the R angle is usually related to the thickness of the board. If it exceeds the middle arc marked in the technical requirements, the technical term called the straightness of the folded part cannot meet the requirements. The following methods are available for reference:


1. This may be caused by uneven upper knife and lower knife. The mold is offset by an angle, so the angle is the same, and the straightness is insufficient.

2. There is no deflection compensation. The reason is almost the same as for each pair of molds, resulting in displacement.

3. This method can be used to measure the upper sliding block and the lower worktable with a height gauge to see if they are parallel. If the mold is already parallel, please look for other reasons to find a solution.

If the angles are not consistent, you can adjust the tilt block to reduce the error. If the upper and lower molds are no problem, the pressure of the bending machine is uneven or the upper tool holder is deformed. Put a few sheets of thin paper on the bottom of the lower mold and adjust it slowly.

Usually, the middle angle is too large, mainly due to the slider problem, which can be solved by adjusting the slider. To avoid this phenomenon, you can choose a three-cylinder with a cylinder in the middle.