​Precautions for gauge accuracy after adjustment of QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shears

Precautions for adjusting the accuracy of the back gauge of the QC12Y hydraulic pendulum shear: When the shearer adjusts the accuracy of the gauge back gauge, first measure the distance between the cutting edge of the shear and the baffle plate with a steel ruler. Of course, this measurement must be repeated multiple times.

 Then use a shearing machine to try to cut a small piece of material to check if the size is correct. If the dimensional tolerance remains within the specified range, the cutting feed can be made; but if the tolerance requirement cannot be met, the positioning distance must be re-adjusted until the requirement is met. In addition, the vertical baffle of the shearing machine must be adjusted accordingly so that the vertical and horizontal plates or blades are at 90° and tight. After repeated adjustments, the back rail can be used for a long time.


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