Price and parameters of welding positioner

Price and parameters of welding positioner
Price and parameters of welding positioner
Price and parameters of welding positioner
Price and parameters of welding positioner
Price and parameters of welding positioner
Price and parameters of welding positioner
Product Description



The positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for the welding position of the rotary work to obtain the ideal processing position and welding speed. It can be used with manipulators and welding machines to form an automatic welding center. It can also be used for workpiece displacement during manual operations. The table rotation adopts frequency converter stepless speed regulation, with high speed regulation accuracy. The remote control box can realize the remote operation of the workbench, and can also be connected with the operating machine and the welding machine control system to realize the linkage operation.




Block Positioner Welding Positioner

Positioner(图2)The positioner can work together with the welding column and arm to realize the automation of the dedicated welding center.

As a peripheral device of the robot, it can also work with the robot to realize automatic welding.

Automatic tilt positioning machine/turntable series can be divided into side tilting type, head and tail rotating type, head and tail rack lifting and rotating type, head and tail rack tilting type, and double rotating type positioning machine.


The automatic tilt positioning machine/turntable is mainly composed of a table turning unit and a tilting unit.

The worktable is lifted, tilted and rotated, and the workpiece is fixed on the worktable, which can be placed in the ideal position for welding and assembly.

We can design custom positioners according to customers' workpieces and welding processes.



1. Through rotating or tilting the work table, Block-type positioner is the device making the weld seam in a horizontal or boat-shaped position.


2. Work table rotate by using frequency conversion stepless, while the sector gear and hydraulic cylinder drive table tilt.


3. Table turning angle is 0 ° ~ 120 °




Model size  


Model No.BW-6BW-12BW-20BW-30BW-40BW-50BW-80BW-100BW-150BW-200
Basic loading(kg)600120020003000400050008000100001500020000
Rotating speed r/min0.05-0.50.03-0.30.03-0.30.03-0.30.03-0.30.02-0.20.02-0.20.02-0.20.02-0.20.02-0.2
Turning speed r/min0.750.370.370.370.370.
Turning angle 0-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-900-90
Work table diameter(mm)800110011001400140016001800200022002500
Height of work table(mm)1000125012501600160018001800210023002600
Allow workpiece 
Centroidal distance200250300300300300350540500600
Rotating motor power(kw)0.371.
Turning motor power(kw)0.750.751.12.233437.511 



Company specializing in tank making machinery equipments,such as dish end machine,triming cutting machine,Necking machine, Longitudinal seam welding machine,Circular Seamwelding machine,cutting machine,bending machine,rolling machine etc.

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Q1.What is our main product ?
A1: Our company is a professional sheet metal processing machinery by JIUYING.HEAVY MACHINE CO.,LTD. in 1988. Concentrate on four column press machine, embossing door press machine, bending machine, shearing machine, cnc plasma cutting machine, rolling machine, punching machine, hydraulic ironworker, welding equipment.
All these machine will be solved for the tank, pan, trolley, ect.

Q2.When can I get the price ?
A2:We usually offer the quotation within 8hours, For urgent offer, please contact with us for special.

Q3.What is the Trade Term?
A3: We accept Ex-work factory , FOB Dalian, CNF or CIF, as your requirement.

Q4.How long is our Production leading time?
A4: It depends on type of equipment.
We often deliver the goods within 35days.

Q5.What is the Payment term?
A5: By T/T before shipment or By L/C at sight.

Q6. During shipping, if there is a damage to products, how do you get replacement?
A6: Firstly, we should investigate the reason cause the damage. At the same time, we will claim for the insurance by ourselves or assist the buyer.
Secondly we will send the replacement to the buyer. The responsible person for above damage will take charge of the cost of the replacement.

Q7. What are your terms of packing?
A7: Packing: export worthy package suitable for container transportation.
Wooden case, iron pallet, plastic film ect.

Q8. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A8: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

Q9: Where is your factory located?
A9: Our factory is located in Dalian, Liaoning province.

Q10: What is your warranty?
A10: Warranty: 24 months after commercial running or 18months from the date of shipment, subject to the earlier expiry.

Q11: Can you arrange thirty party pre-shipment inspection
A11: Pre-shipment inspection: Supplier’s pre-shipment inspection is Final; pre-shipment inspection by third Party on buyers cost.

Q12:Can we do our OEM logo?
A12:Yes, for the products with drawing supplied by you, we of course apply your logo