5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine

5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine
5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine
5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine
5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine
5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine
5-Axis / 8-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine

CNC pipe intersecting line cutting machine is an equipment for automatic calculation and cutting of the intersecting line at the junction of steel pipe and end.

The machine is widely used in the construction, chemical, petroleum, machinery, metallurgy and other industries of steel pipe cutting processing.

In these industries, there are a large number of pipelines combined with the intersecting line, intersecting line end.

And bend such processing USES mostly traditional production model, marking, artificial lofting, manual cutting, grinding, such as backward and complicated way.

5轴/8轴 圆管切管机 切割机(图1)

CNC pipe intersecting line cutting function is very convenient for cutting this kind of workpiece.

And workers to operate, no need of programming, simply enter reciprocal pipe parameters such as diameter, wall thickness, the intersection Angle machine can automatically cut out the pipe hole of interfingering lines, as well as the welding groove.

Control method for cutting the pipe rotation cutting torch along the pipe axis movement of the cutting torch swing cutting torch lifting movement, etc.

The machine with multi-axis linkage can cut the intersecting line and the variable Angle welding groove on the main pipe, or cut the intersecting hole and welding groove on the branch pipe.

5-Axis / 8-Axis pipe cutting machine(图2)

The operation is very simple. After the workpiece is clamped, the positioning, cutting torch movement and workpiece rotation are inched by the control box. The diameter, wall thickness, intersection Angle, cutting speed and other parameters of the main pipe and branch pipe are input into the computer.

Then the cutting is done automatically by the computer control box.

In the software design lead, introduced the reasonable cutting, the cutting surface quality guaranteed after each cutting parameters can be saved as a file, use for later the same workpiece.

Cutting product display

5轴/8轴 圆管切管机 切割机(图3)

Five-axis intersecting line cutting machine:

1. Five axes can only cut round tubes. It can complete the cutting of hole opening, arc opening, groove and other processes.

2. Five-axis pipe cutting machine is five-axis four-linkage. There are spindle chuck rotation axis, trolley horizontal moving axis along the pipe, cutter ascending and descending axis, cutter axial swinging axis and cutter radial swinging axis respectively.

3. Five spindle rotating chuck is a three-jaw chuck.

Eight-axis intersecting line cutting machine:

1. Octaves can cut round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, octagon pipe and other shaped pipes. At the same time can also be completed to these pipe holes, arc mouth, groove and other processes of cutting.

2. Eight-axis pipe cutting machine is eight-axis and seven-axis linkage. They are the main chuck rotation axis, the auxiliary chuck rotation axis, the horizontal moving axis of the dolly along the pipe, the ascending and descending axis of the cutting gun, the small axle moving axis, the radial moving axis of the dolly, the radial swinging axis of the cutting gun, and the radial swinging axis of the cutting gun.

3. Eight axis has the main shaft chuck and vice chuck, are four jaw chuck. To sum up, the two devices are mainly different in function.

Eight-axis is on the basis of five-axis intersecting line cutting machine, three CNC axes are added, so as to achieve square pipe, rectangular pipe, eight-edge pipe and other special-shaped pipe cutting. Customers can make reasonable choices according to their own project needs.

5轴/8轴 圆管切管机 切割机(图1)