Dished End Spinning Pressing Machine

Dished End Spinning Pressing Machine
Dished End Spinning Pressing Machine

The type-shaped spinning equipment is mainly used for the spinning forming of metal plates, such as the manufacture of various container heads and large automobile covering parts, etc., operated by the staff after the spinning technology is mature, the forming wheel is installed in the inside, and the pressure wheel is installed outside.

During spinning, the forming wheel is opened first, and the pressure wheel rotates with the forming wheel at the same time. When the workpiece is formed, the pressure wheel returns to the rear. At this point, remove the formed head and complete a working cycle.


Intelligent spinning machine is a fully automatic head spinning machine developed and developed by Mingcheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on the basis of summarizing the design and process debugging experience of spinning equipment at home and abroad.

Adopts advanced PLC programmable control technology, microelectronics technology, has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, without programming, easy to use, stable operation, the advantages of reliable performance, the press pulley with yaskawa servo motor control motor, running accuracy, high starting torque, stable operation, has the overload protection function, not only improve the efficiency and ensure the stable spinning quality in the process of mass production, and improve the operating environment.

Scope of Application



Characteristics of the equipment

1. The piston rod of the main engine is made of high-strength forging.

2. The column and piston rod have undergone surface quenching and electroplating hard chromium treatment.

3. The motor, oil pump, valve parts, electrical components and sealing components are well-known and reliable brands in the industry.

4. Various safe and reliable protection measures for hydraulic, electrical and mechanical parts.

5. High pressure soft pipe connection can fully eliminate vibration and slow down leakage.

6. Non-contact induction switch, long-term stable and reliable use.

7. Load debugging for a long time to ensure that the equipment is basically trouble-free for a long time, and less maintenance and use.

Part of the electronic control system is controlled by PLC. Use Japanese Omron relays. Other selected parts are from domestic manufacturers. Main circuit operating voltage 380V-420V, control voltage 24V, equipped with a dedicated rectifier, filter, stable power supply. Sensitive action, long life, safe and reliable.

The hydraulic heavy-duty head forming machine is mainly used for larger tanks. The diameter can reach 1-10 meters, you can directly contact customer service for customization; the tonnage can reach 500-10000 tons; the thickness can reach 10-60mm.