WC67Y bending machine finished product cracking reasons and solutions

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If the WC67Y bending machine is not protected during use, it may cause damage to the machine, resulting in insufficient precision of the finished product, and macroscopic rupture of the WC67Y bending machine. Then, how should this problem be improved? Mingcheng will explain to you today.

Improve lubrication: The relationship between the stamping quality of the WC67Y bending machine and the lubricant is extremely important. Poor lubrication conditions or improper selection of lubricants may cause the sheet to crack.

Adjust lacing parameters or blank bearing force: Although the use of lacing can prevent the flange from wrinkling, its side effect is that it will increase the resistance of the material to the mold. Therefore, inappropriate drawbead parameters may cause bending. The movement resistance of the WC67Y bending machine is too large, causing the board to break.

Increase the auxiliary process: Under the condition of meeting the functional requirements of the part, appropriately increasing the mold fillet or reducing the inclination angle can reduce the movement resistance of the material during the forming process, thereby avoiding cracking.

The macroscopic rupture of the WC67Y bending machine is usually mainly caused by excessive swelling in the plane of the sheet, while the microscopic rupture may be caused by pure swelling or simple bending. Both the micro-fracture and the macro-fracture are attributed to the material in the final analysis. Caused by excessive local tensile strain.

Micro cracks refer to cracks that are difficult to see with the naked eye that are generated in the sheet. Although the crack depth is very shallow, part of the material is damaged.