The basic composition of the three-roller bending machine must be mastered

The English name of the three-roller bending machine is called (ThreeRollerBendingMachine). There are pedal type and hydraulic type: the pedal type three-roller bending machine is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption. Sheet metal materials can be stacked into ring, arc and conical steel parts within a certain range. The structure of the pedal type three-roller symmetry four-roller plate bending machine is three-roller symmetry. The upper roller is in the central government symmetry part of the lower roller for vertical lift fitness exercise, which is obtained according to the ball screw nut and worm drive. The lower roller is rotated for fitness exercise and is driven by a motor. According to the gearing of the output transmission gear of the reducer and the transmission gear of the lower roller, the torque is shown for the production board.

Mingcheng below introduces the key components of the three-roller bending machine:

(1) Left and right rollers: the key components of the four-roller bending machine, the material is forged high-quality alloy steel.

(2) Sound card rack: It is divided into upper and lower sound card racks, each with a lower work roller bearing. There is a buckle ball screw inside the sound card frame, and the upper part of the ball screw is twisted with the bearing on both sides of the upper roller.

(3) Reducer: Select ZSY280 hard tooth surface reducer and install it on the round steel base together with the elevation.

(4) Part of electrical equipment: all installed in a control box, which is conducive to actual operation.

(5) Material dumping equipment: installed on the side of the reducer to balance the upper rollers when dumping materials; hydraulic cylinders are used for material dumping and repair.

(6) Base: It is welded by channel steel and thick steel plate. The sound card rack, reducer, motor, etc. are all installed on top of it to produce a whole.

The friction position of the three-roller bending machine needs to be lubricated, and the oil should be supplied on time to maintain the normal operation of all parts. Apply yellow cream (unsalted butter) to the teeth of each exposed open transmission gear, worm gear, and worm.

I believe that through the introduction in the previous article, everyone has a certain understanding of the basic composition of the three-roller bending machine. If you need a shearing machine, you can consult us directly.