Several common failure phenomena of portable cutting machine

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The portable CNC cutting machine is a more efficient model for CNC cutting applications. It has obvious advantages in cutting speed and equipment cost. Compared with the traditional large-scale gantry CNC cutting machine, the portable plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of convenient installation, simple operation and easy operation.

Troubleshoot and deal with some common faults in the daily use of portable plasma cutting machines, in order to provide help and reference for users and enterprises.


Control System

The portable plasma cutting machine system itself may be unstable: this is because some manufacturers have developed cheap operating systems without relevant technical strength to reduce costs, making it easy to run out of equipment in harsh industrial environments . Secondly, the portable plasma cutting machine system has weak anti-interference ability. The portable plasma cutting machine system can not only perform cutting tasks, but also resist various high-frequency pulse group interference and other interference sources in harsh environments. In addition to all precautions, all connection lines related to the system must be shielded and isolated.

Operation and use

The operator cannot operate the system correctly: incorrect operation can also cause the portable plasma cutting machine to crash or move randomly. The correct operation is in the normal cutting process, do not press other buttons at will.

High frequency interference

There are strong external interference sources: In factories, many devices themselves generate a large number of electromagnetic and pulse interference groups, such as various welding machines, plasma cutting machines, etc. These interference sources will directly enter the portable plasma cutting machine system and cause varying degrees of impact, and may even damage the system immediately. Therefore, the portable plasma cutting machine must be placed away from various interference sources (groups) ≥ 10m.

When a customer uses a portable plasma cutting machine, it is normal for some failures due to its own machine failure or unreasonable operation. When encountering various problems during use, users should not be too nervous. You can contact us directly for disposal, please do not disassemble and dispose of it at will.