It only takes three minutes to let you know the upper roll universal bending machine

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In the beginning, let's first understand what is a rolling machine. It is a kind of equipment that uses work rolls to bend the sheet metal. Under the action of external force, it can form parts of different shapes such as cylindrical parts and cones. It is a very important processing equipment for this industry.

So what is the working principle of the upper roll universal bending machine? Under normal circumstances, it uses hydraulic pressure or mechanical force to promote the movement of the work roll, and to force the sheet to be bent or rolled by external force to achieve the purpose of forming. According to the rotation movement and position changes of the work rolls of different shapes, the parts can be produced into oval, arc, cylindrical and other shapes. In the 1960s, my country began to independently develop plate rolling machines. The first appeared from the equipment structure is relatively simple, can not let the plate bend to the top, with the growth of technology, now the equipment is more and more powerful, can greatly bend materials, without the need for additional manual processing.

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The emergence of the upper roll universal bending machine also reflects the comprehensive improvement of the technology of the bending machine from the side. It is a hydraulic three-roller bending machine, which can be operated at room temperature. The upper roller can move vertically or horizontally. For the former type of movement, hydraulic transmission is used, while the latter is mechanical transmission. No matter which kind of movement, it has the proper function even if the plate is bent. Originally from a special installation structure, the upper roll universal plate bending machine is more conducive to feeding and operation. In addition, it has a PLC template that can be operated based on digital display. The entire process is easier and more intuitive to operate, and can monitor data in real time. It can be adjusted in time if it encounters abnormal conditions, and the control interface of man-machine dialogue is efficient and intuitive.

It only takes three minutes to let you know the upper roll universal bending machine(图2)

The upper roll universal bending machine also has a great guarantee for the safety factor of personnel. It is equipped with various overload and protection functions to realize interconnection and interlocking. It can automatically alarm and prompt when a failure occurs, which can effectively prevent accidents caused by mistakes. , Double guarantee the safety of equipment and operating staff.