What to do if the pressure of the bending machine is insufficient?

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When the operator is using the plate rolling machine for work, there will often be operating errors. At this time, the pressure of the machine may be insufficient, and the problem may also occur if the installation process is not smooth. Insufficient pressure of the coiling machine means that the working efficiency of the coiling machine will be greatly reduced, and the production volume and production schedule will be unqualified. Therefore, if you want to completely solve the problem of insufficient pressure, you must first know how to check, otherwise it will be easy Cause a new malfunction.

What to do if the pressure of the bending machine is insufficient?(图1)

1.First check whether the oil cylinder of the bending machine has internal leakage. If the oil cylinder is indeed found to be leaking after the inspection, you can replace the sealing ring part, and adjust the stroke of the bending machine oil cylinder. The oil cylinder of the equipment is formed and debugged, so that the strokes of the left and right oil cylinders of the machine are consistent, and the pressure problem can basically be solved.

2. Check the overflow valve, you can check its opening. If the opening is in a relatively large condition, it means that the machine may return too much oil during operation, and there will be insufficient pressure when there is too much oil return. , The solution is to adjust the angle of its opening.

What to do if the pressure of the bending machine is insufficient?(图2)

3. Check whether the solenoid valve spool of the rolling machine is moving or not, and whether the solenoid valve spool is blocked or installed. When the solenoid valve core is blocked, it will be unable to move. At this time, the dust bag should be cleaned and reinstalled.

The third point requires special attention. How to disassemble the solenoid valve spool of the bending machine should be installed in the corresponding order, and must not be installed in the opposite direction, otherwise the problem will be serious. From the above explanation, it can be seen that the phenomenon of insufficient pressure of the machine is caused by many factors. When looking for the cause, it is necessary to carefully consider various aspects. At the same time, the method used should be correct and consistent with the actual operation of the machine, and try to avoid it. Mistake.