How to choose a four-roll shearing machine and three-roll bending machine

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Nowadays, most of the plate rolling machines on the market are three-roller and four-roller. Some people may wonder whether the three-roller bending machine is better or the four-roller shearing machine is suitable for them? Today, Mingcheng will give a good explanation.

The CNC four-roller plate rolling machine can process and roll metal sheets into various parts such as cylinders, cones and arc plates. The four-roller plate rolling machine can pre-bend and roll various specifications of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces at one time. With the aid of auxiliary devices, it can roll tapered parts.

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The material alignment, pre-bending and rounding of the CNC four-roller coiling are completed in one coiling process. The remaining straight edge of the pre-bending is less than 1.5 times the plate thickness, and the rounding accuracy is high. The four-roller bending machine can be bent symmetrically or asymmetrically according to the arrangement of the rollers on both sides. Therefore, the machine can be rolled into an ideal cylinder at one time without using a press to pre-bend the plate end.

The pre-bending is lifted by the lower roller, clamping the end of the steel plate, and the side roller is inclined to rise to realize the pre-bending of the end of the plate.

How to choose a four-roll shearing machine and three-roll bending machine(图2)

The lifting displacement of the lower roller and side roller of the machine is controlled by an intelligent PLC programmable controller, with automatic leveling, digital display on the screen, and synchronization accuracy of ±0.15 mm.

The bottom roller and side roller of the machine can be tilted at one end, and can rise and drop at the same time when tilted.

The upper and lower rollers are the main drives, and the side rollers are driven to rotate by the friction between the steel plate and the rollers to provide torque for the winding.

How to choose a four-roll shearing machine and three-roll bending machine(图3)

Compared with the symmetrical three-roller, the four-roller can directly pre-bend the end of the plate without the help of other equipment molds, and the remaining straight edges are smaller; compared with the asymmetrical three-roller, it can eliminate the plate U-turn, and roll into a workpiece. This not only improves the efficiency and guarantees the quality of the workpiece, but also has simple process and convenient operation, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

How is it, do you understand?

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