The cutting machine cut off the aorta of the leg and died! It's safe not to be lazy!

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Numerous safety production accidents

Both are triggered by the word "convenience"

For example, after the work tool is used,

Unplug the power without turning off the switch

Seems to be "convenient" behavior that omitted one step

But it might be the next time you use it

Cause a catastrophe!


At around 8:50 in the morning of August 25, in an unlicensed and unlicensed building material rental site in Nanshan District, a man had an accident while installing an exhaust fan for a tin room. He was injured by a grinding wheel cutter and injured his right leg artery. He arrived at the scene after 120 He died after the rescue failed. At present, relevant departments have been involved in the treatment.

It is understood that the man did not notice that the switch of the cutting machine was turned on when using the hand-held grinding wheel cutting machine. The cutting machine suddenly jumped up after plugging in the power. The man thought it was OK and did not go to the hospital in time. Suspected of excessive blood loss and died.

This is not the first death caused by improper operation. In fact, many people have been injured because of the simplification of a small step. Therefore, it is very important to use the machine in a safe and standard manner. Don't cause irreparable losses because of being lazy.